Tentacled Armada Rating and reviews

Quick Look at the Slot, “Octopus Armada”

The incapacity of the human mind to connect all of its contents is, in my opinion, the kindest thing in the world. It was not intended for us to explore the vastness of space outside the tranquility of our own little bubble of ignorance. Call of Cthulhu, a short story by H. P. Lovecraft, tells the tale of a tentacled Great Old One from beyond our planet, an evil so ancient and profound that it surpasses human comprehension. When we were originally presented with Octopus Armada, an online slot game developed by Blue Guru Games, this was one of the first pop culture allusions that sprang to mind. Then, in my mind, tentacled aliens with a dark scheme of cosmic dominion descended upon Earth, ready to tear the two-armed primates to bits.

This is essentially what Octopus Armada offers to its gamers. They’ll also discover a game with a compelling backstory based on the hypothesis of Panspermia, which postulates that Earth’s life originated elsewhere and was brought to Earth by a comet. We’ve determined that octopuses are the connecting connection between Earth and the alien realm; because we’ve messed this place up, the octopus overlords will return to right our karmic wrongs.

In keeping with the time-honored tradition of extraterrestrial visitation, the primary game of Octopus Armada is played on the moon, with UFOs in route to Earth providing a dramatic backdrop to the 5-reel game matrix. When the reels start turning freely, it’s much more difficult to predict the aliens’ motivations. Is their mission to teach us, to force us to evolve, to give us superpowers, or to wipe us out so that Earth may become a paradise once again devoid of humans?

The outcome is up to the player, who can consider the topic while betting anywhere from 30 pence to £/€30 every spin. Octopus Armada is a medium-volatile slot machine with a maximum RTP of 95.78% and 15 fixed paylines that pay in both directions. Symbols must land from the leftmost reel to the rightmost reel and from the rightmost reel to the leftmost reel in order to trigger a payout.

Octopus Armada’s ten normal payouts and two kinds of wilds make it a unique slot machine. The 9-A playing card tiles on the lower half of the paytable are worth 2.5-3.33 times the stake for a five-of-a-kind hit, while the higher value ray guns, circular spacecraft, UFOs, rockets, and army soldiers on the upper half are at 13.3-50 times the stake.

Features of Octopus Armada Slot Machine

The game’s feature set may seem lacking in compared to the enormous world-building going on in Octopus Armada. Keep an eye out for the octopus wild icon. It may act as a wild, replacing other symbols to create winning combinations, and it can duplicate itself twice in a single spin. The greatest potential winning combination is determined, and then new wilds are placed to the board in those spots.

Bonus Turns

To activate the bonus round, a wild symbol must duplicate itself and the duplicate must be a golden replica of the original sign. A total of 8 free spins are granted, with the wild collection/symbol removal mechanism in effect throughout. A meter above the reels fills up whenever a wild symbol appears. Keep in mind that we only keep the originals and not the duplicates of any wilds that we find. The lowest low pay and lowest high pay symbols on the reels are eliminated from play every time four wilds are added to the meter. Furthermore, 4 additional free spins are rewarded for every 4 wilds accumulated, for a maximum of 16 additional free spins.

Slot Judgment for the Octopus Fleet

Blue Guru has put a lot of thought and effort into crafting the intriguing tale of Panspermia and creating a set of immersive visuals to bring the concept to life, but the gameplay didn’t feel nearly as polished. Storytelling is an important goal for Blue Guru, and they’ve hit it with Octopus Armada. This game’s title immediately drew up mental pictures of multi-armed enemies sailing ships across oceans or zipping across the stars on the hunt for interspecies warfare. The Day of the Tentacle aesthetic shown upon loading was a pleasant surprise, making for an excellent set up and building excitement.

After many hundred turns, the monotony of Octopus Armada dampened player excitement. The bonus round was surprisingly difficult to activate at the beginning of the game, and the expanding wild feature couldn’t make up the difference in the interim. It was fine, and the reimbursement for both directions was appreciated, but it lacked any form of multiplicative or modifying component. I can’t put my finger on it, but I think there was something lacking. However, the results improved during a second attempt. The second time around, free spins triggered more often, and the spreading wild feature combined with the army guy to provide a 500x+ base game win. Just like any slot machine, it’s much simpler to enjoy what a game has to offer when the odds are in your favor.

Octopus Armada is a slot machine for those who like to test their luck in a bizarre, B-movie style environment while pondering the mysteries of the cosmos. Compared to other alien interaction slots like Invaders Megaways and Inspired Gaming’s Space Invaders, Octopus Armada has its job cut out for it to win over players’ hearts and wallets. It succeeds more through its subject and presentation than through a plethora of features, so if you’re into the tale, you’ll probably find Octopus Armada entertaining; otherwise, you could be left feeling a little underwhelmed.






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