Gambling-Related Channels on YouTube Have Been Banned

All gambling-related channels on YouTube have been disabled as a result of YouTube’s recently implemented Arbitrary Moderation process, which is the most recent development in gambling-related news. According to a report published in The Atlantic, the website appears to have began removing any channels that are tied to gambling, as well as the accounts of some users.

Brian Christopher, a user on YouTube and the owner of a channel, was caught aback when he discovered that his account had been stopped the previous week. The website had sent him an official email telling him of the steps that were being taken against his account. Christopher, who managed the channel known as BrianChristopherSlots, had posted well over a thousand vlogs on the channel that showed him gaming on slot machines. Before it was shut down, the channel in question had more than 80,000 subscribers and around 50 million cumulative views.


The Elimination of Income Sources for Vloggers

Every owner of an account that was suspended by YouTube received an email from YouTube with an explanation, which stated that the suspensions were imposed because of repeated or severe violations of the site’s community guidelines. These restrictions prohibit the depiction of “high-risk” and “dangerous” acts, the likes of which could put viewers at risk of suffering serious injuries or even death. On the other hand, Christopher and a number of other channel managers have spoken out against YouTube’s decision, claiming that their vlogs are one of their key sources of income.


Christopher claims that he has always made it a point to ensure that he has received permission from the casinos that he has uploaded films of before posting those videos online. He also revealed that he makes a living off of his videos on YouTube, and that he is now quite frightened about the possibility of losing this source of income. The YouTube user also stated that his videos do not include any inappropriate content or language, therefore he does not understand how he could have been in violation of the site’s policies in any way. The community guidelines and policies of YouTube have, for a very long time, come under fire for allegedly not being clear and plain enough for the typical user or channel holder.


Attempts by Administrators to Make Contact with YouTube

A number of unexpected adjustments were made to the criteria that YouTube use to determine whether or not a channel should be qualified to make money from the videos that they broadcast at the beginning of the year 2018. Because of these modifications, many channels have been denied the opportunity to challenge the changes, and as a result, they are unable to make a profit from their vlogs. Additionally, they have not been granted the ability to create revenues from their vlogs. Many channel owners have reported that they have been unable to contact YouTube directly because they are not among the top 3% of the site’s poster population. A few months after these modifications, a group of video bloggers made an attempt to contact the company as a unit, while others completely abandoned their hopes of doing so.


At the moment, the gambling community on YouTube is quite modest; nonetheless, certain channels that have tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of subscribers could be seriously harmed. Because these channels give their owners the ability to negotiate broker brand deals with game developers, online casinos, and iGaming brands, the new rules have the potential to deny these vloggers the ability to earn money in the future from their YouTube vlogs and videos.






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