A Look at the Cleopatra Slot Machine

When discussing IGT’s Cleopatra slot machine, what else can be said? Very little. Along with other games that got their start in land-based casinos throughout the world, such Rainbow Riches and Wolf Run, this iconic title featuring arguably the most sought-after slot ever. Let’s find out why this game is so well-liked.

The Cleopatra Slot Machine: Even More Information

The seductive North African soundtrack of this 5 reel video slot alternates irresistibly between quick and slow plucked guitar. Cleopatra’s seductive cooing has a very American tinge, and the effect is captivating and bewitching. As she purrs, “Very Pleasurable,” she clearly enjoys herself. She says softly, “Look into my eyes,” and then reveals mauve eye shadow on her green irises. Her words of “I wish you great prosperity” and “Twice is nice” fall from her lips as the Cleopatra Wild symbol doubles the payout of a winning payline. Any player, especially a man, would be foolish to go up against this queen who wants nothing more than your success and happiness. That’s brilliant!



All of the Reel icons have an Ancient Egyptian feel to them. Scarabs, which were modeled after beetles, were employed as personal seals or as charms to preserve mummies, with the Sphinx and Cleopatra wilds described above. Pharaohs employed the flail, an agricultural implement used to separate grains from their husk, as a symbol for the land’s fertility since it was associated with the separation of the two. Pharaohs’ symbols of authority, good health, and safety all feature the eye of Horus in hieroglyphic form. A cartouche, or carved tablet imitating a scroll commonly inscribed with a Pharaoh’s name, rounds off the set.

How would you describe Cleopatra’s appearance?


Cleopatra is an easy-to-understand slot machine that has a low variance and hence provides frequent payouts. The betting range for each of the 20 paylines is from 1c to $12.50. To adjust the number of active paylines, use the minus and plus buttons, respectively. Similarly, you can raise or lower your wager by toggling the Stake – and + buttons. The highest wager is $250, which is achieved by wagering $12.50 across all 20 paylines. If that’s the maximum wager, how much can you win? Five Cleopatra Wilds in a row on an active payline awards 10,000 credits. The massive jackpot is the result of a top line play of $12.50 multiplied by 10,000 credits. Cleopatra mumbles, “I wish you great prosperity,” again.


Sphinx scatter symbols can also be a major help in winning. Any two scatters, for instance, will return six times the wager. In addition to raising your scatter award multiplier, getting three or more scatter symbols will activate the Cleopatra Bonus.


Added Value Functions

As soon as the Cleopatra Bonus is activated, the soundtrack reaches a new level of insanity. You’ll get 15 bonus spins to start, and they’ll keep going until they hit zero. If the bonus is retriggered while you’re playing with free spins, you’ll get 15 more. All line wins during free spins are quadrupled, and there is a maximum prize of 180 free spins.


The Free Cleopatra Slots Game

Here, like at many other top online casinos, you may try out the popular Cleopatra slot machine from IGT (International Game Technology) for free. In order to comply with regulations set forth by licensing authorities, a free-play slot machine must perform in the same manner as its real-money counterpart. As a result, the potential payouts of free play shouldn’t be misleading. The theoretical standard deviation of Cleopatra’s RTP (Return to Player) is 95.03%. This provides the casino a long-term advantage of 4.97 percent.


An Overview of Cleopatra by Us

Features, history, excitement, and rewards as tempting as the Ptolemaic Queen are why Cleopatra is the most sought online video slot in the globe. While IGT’s original slot machine is a standard video slot, a progressive version of the game is now available on the Mega Jackpots network. Therefore, allow Cleopatra to lead you to an even greater victory today as the reincarnation of Isis.



High probability of winning with low risk

Bonus Spins Unlimited

Exceptionally large winnings cap


ROI that’s below par

Poor visuals and uninspired audio


Tell me about this Cleopatra thing.

Bets on IGT’s Cleopatra Slot’s 20 paylines can range from 1 cent to $12.50 Canadian. Five Cleopatra Wilds in a row on an active payline awards 10,000 credits.

What is Cleopatra’s expected return?


The Return to Player (RTP) for IGT’s Cleopatra, a Slot game based on the most renowned Egyptian queen, is 95.02%.

The maximum payout on Cleopatra is what?


Cleopatra offers a maximum payoff of 10,000 times the amount wagered.






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